• AXXAZ Updates about Corona!

    AXXAZ Updates about Corona!

    We receive many customer questions about our policies during this corona outbreak. We try to keep you informed through this page about the developments that apply to our industry.

Covid-19 (Corona)

Last update 6 july 2020

Covid-19 (Corona)

The flights are not stable at the moment, but slowly we do see progress. For now we book travels (arrivals and departues) around mid-July.
Pay attention; if the employee goes home he will have to be quarantined in Manila. We have contact with the quarantine hotel where they have to stay for 3 to 5 days.
If the employee flies directly to the province, quarantine will have to be arranged by himself.

  • Domestic quarantine flights are still momentarily unstable. Availability changes daily.
  • Occasionally flights are made available, with a maximum number of seats. We fill these in order of priorities, in order of rotation etc.
  • We are aware that several airlines are in the process of deploying additional flights, should these become available and we are eligible to do so, we will book them. Unfortunately we are not able to book these in advance.
  • We check the availability of flights several times a day.